7 Home Hacks That Make Maintenance Easier

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Tuck Chalk in Your Toolbox to Control Rust

You can control the metal tools and hardware in your toolbox rust-free with blackboard chalk. Chalk is a moisture-sucking fabric that traps dampness. When you put several pieces throughout your toolbox, its porous qualities will save items prone to corruption.

Spray Your Mower's Blades to Hold Clippings from Sticking

Mowing is one of those must-do works if you have a lawn. Cooking spray can complete the chore problem-free. When involved in a mower's undercarriage and blades, it can prevent grass clippings from attaching.

Tennis Toss Ball to Clean Your Water

Suntan lotions, moisturizers, and body fats will leave a slippery slick on the pool water. For cleaning a pool, toss in a fresh tennis ball. Its fuzzy surface will absorb up the fats your guests left behind.

A tennis ball will smooth scuff marks off floors. To avoid yielding while cleaning, cut an X into the ball and position it on the end of a mop or broom handle.

Use Painter's Tape for an Excellent Caulk Job

To many DIYers (myself incorporated), involving the caulk in clean, straight lines appears like an impossible task. But it's very comfortable if you utilize painter's tape. You'll require to clean the space you're caulking rather. When it's dry, involve medium adhesion painter's tape, such as Frog Tape; above and below the site, you'll be caulking and then caulk. Be sure to skin off the tape while the caulk is nonetheless wet.

Grab a Makeup Leech to Fix Pair Drywall Holes

Paper tape is used to fill little holes in drywall. But a cosmetic sponge will take the job done, too. Just plug it into the fix (you may require to cut it down to size) and spackle. You'll discover the complete tutorial here.

A small baking soda added to a dollop of healthy, fast-acting glue, such as Krazy Glue, will fix a little wall crack. When the mixture is arid, it constructs a hard plastic that can effortlessly be sanded to a smooth surface.

Use Your Exercise to Clean a Grimy Tub

Unless you operate a cordless drill with a bubbles ball polishing attachment, it brings a lot of elbow fat to deep clean a dirty bathtub (located in the automotive department of most big box stores). Extensions like these were created to be tough on the slime without scoring surfaces.

Apply Nail Polish to Seal a Hole in Your Window

Found a small hole in your glass window? Restore it with clear nail polish. Apply a skin, then wait for it dehydrated. Repeat steps until the layers of clear nail polish are blushing with the mirror surface.

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